NEW PRODUCT: Millers Eclipse Fuel Treatment 5L

Anyone who has used Millers Diesel Power EcoMax fuel treatment will know how good it is but if you have a fleet of vehicles £12.50 a bottle easily adds up.

Thankfully Millers offer the same product in their professional range. Know as Eclipse Fuel Treatment it is designed to work with all types of diesel engines, especially Euro IV an Euro V emission compliant vehicles. It is also backward compatible with Euro III and older type vehicles and mobile plant. Eclipse can be used by adding it to the bulk fuel tank or individual vehicle tanks in the ratio 1 part to 1000 parts fuel (1ml/Litre).

We stock Millers Eclipse in 5 Litre drums priced at £54 +VAT

It’s also available in 20L and 200L – contact us for prices on these quantities.

User Benefits

  • The unique combustion efficiency improver and Cetane booster provide up to 5% increased MPG as demonstrated in independent trials.
  • By increasing the Cetane number and incorporating a detergency additive harmful exhaust emissions are reduced and the impact on the environment.



Millers Eclipse Diesel Fuel Treatment

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